Crystal Healing

Science has proven animals are able to connect with and communicate with most spheres of energy and energetic matter. The earth is no exception. It is thought that animals can predict changes in the earth’s energy that lead up to earthquakes. I have read many accounts where bees have fled their hives and rats have left their homes in panic at such changes within the earth; it has even been reported that chickens have stopped laying eggs when there’s an impending earthquake. All animals have an inbuilt ability to instinctively respond to escape from danger and predators to preserve their lives. They’re much more finely tuned to their senses than us human beings.

The earth emits so many frequencies and vast amounts of energy that animals are instinctively attuned to it. Crystals are part of the massive energy frequency as they form grids that span the globe, so it’s little wonder that animals connect so well to the gem kingdom, otherwise known as crystals.

The word crystal is derived from the Greek word ‘Krystallos’. This word means Clear Ice. A crystal is a solid object whose structure is arranged in a repeating pattern. Crystals respond in unique ways to heat, light, pressure and sound, and can store immense amounts of information. This is also why they are used in industry; especially the quartz crystal.

Crystalline structure is found within the clay particles which make up the earth; the very ground that we and the animal kingdom walk upon. The total universe is based on a crystalline structure, and it is evident that all forms and all ‘beings’ participate in this structure, no matter what their function or location in the universe. This participation is also a form of interconnectedness.

Today, I saw a variety of animals in my practice and used crystals as part of their therapy programme. One client was a recent rescue dog who has suffered greatly at the hands of his previous carer. Bungle, a beautiful dog, was rescued along with 7 others that had been tethered, starved and been close to death. Being unused to a human being showing any sort of compassion, Bungle held his head low, almost cowering in his corner of safety.

I sat on the floor to undertake the consultation and kept peeking at him out of the corner of my eye. I’d been booked to give crystal therapy to Bungle. I opened my case containing my Crystal’s and after each completed section of the consultation form I placed a terminated quartz in front of the other in an ‘energy drawing grid’. I saw Bungle place his head between his paws, looking inquisitively in the direction of the crystals pointing towards him.

By the end of the consultation Bungle had crawled on his belly and rested his head on the crystal nearer to him. After the client discussion I knew which 3 crystals I’d be implementing in to Bungle’s therapy session. I placed these crystals beside one another and proceeded to pick up a clearing wand to start the session. Instantly Bungle sneezed, stood up, shook his whole body, lay back down and pawed all 3 crystals underneath his chest. He then rolled to lay on his side and stayed there for a full 40 minutes.

Behind me his new human was in tears because she explained that he’d not allowed anyone other than her to physically touch him in 4 months. Tears soon found me because as I was packing my kit away Bungle walked over to me and gave me a huge kiss on my nose.

Crystals blend ‘spirit and matter’, what I call ‘connecting heaven with earth’. This state of being is essential for positive spiritual human development. With many light workers being ‘chosen’ to walk in the light here on earth, spiritual essence can be transmitted into the earth’s substance to affect all living creatures and make possible great planetary transformation, especially with the use of crystals. The impact of applying crystal healing to animals is felt right down to the cellular level, so the stones can even be used to help unhealthy cells gravitate towards a state of health and wellbeing.

Channelling crystalline energy is all about activating and integrating our light bodies and our physical forms, then blending the realities of earthly and spiritual worlds to bring healing to the animals just as I did with Bungle today.