Rainy Days

A great deal of my work as an animal therapist involves healing horses. Although Norfolk is great to work as an animal therapist as it’s the driest county, I’m subject to rain on occasion.

Most people can’t abide rain, even when they’re inside cosy homes, watching the drops flow with speed upon a window pane. I’m not speaking about flooding as that’s horrendous, just simple rain….
I’m sat here, inside my car, drinking a warming cup of tea from my thermos flask (between client appointments), and I’m listening to the sound of heaven’s tears on the metal roof. I’m asking the question; why are people averse to being outdoors in the rain?

There’s puddles to splash in, ripples to scry in.
There’s cleansing taking place; physically and mentally as it creates its mandala of saturated drops upon the crown chakra.
There’s delight in actually seeing a worm forcing his body up through the dark earth, rejoicing.
There’s new and undiscovered scents emanating from burnt umber leaves and vulnerable branches stripped bare of their cloak.
And when the wheel turns the voices of man can be heard echoing between the barren fields proclaiming; we need rain…..


Niki X