A Touching Personal Account of Soul Speaking…..

Please enjoy this personal account from one of my graduates who recently treated a horse client…..
“I am actually an Equine Dentist and qualified in 1999 in Idaho, USA. I have always had an holistic approach and sometimes after doing the teeth (all manual, no electric floating here!) The horse would speak to me asking to lay my hands on them. It was all purely intuitive, I had no clue about protecting myself or grounding so I’d often come away feeling very dizzy and incredibly tired. I’m well known for taking on the ‘troublesome or difficult’ horse’s, or those that no one else can get near. Why? Because I take my time, I always start a dental with introducing myself to the horse then putting my right hand on their 3rd eye chakra, I then ask their permission to do their teeth and promise I’m here to help them. The connection is opened then, and once I’m done they often need to get something off their chest or need their chakra’s cleared.
Anyway, back to this lovely mare. I had 2 horse’s to do on a different yard after a busy day recently about a hour from my home, new client too. As soon as I stepped through her gate I felt my energy shift, it wasn’t a malevolent feeling, just off. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I felt a bit edgy. I stopped and took several deep breaths. Did the first little pony, a young chap without any issue. I’d mentioned to the owner that there was an energy that was ‘off’ here, and she said that she meditated at her field. Onto the mare…I rounded the corner and laughed….Pylons! Just peeping through the boundary tree’s, no wonder the energy felt off! So I started on the mare, my usual way before doing teeth. Straight away, could tell she was older than had been sold as. They’d only owned her a month, her teeth were horrendous. Lacerated cheeks, diastemas, but I got her sorted. Then she refused to let me go, if she could have stamped her hoof and demanded I give her healing she would!! So I started and almost immediately saw an image of electric fencing around her foreleg and almost what felt like an electric shock/burn in my left wrist. Before I knew it I’d said ‘Ooh electric fence wrapped around her foreleg’ her owner gasped and asked ‘How the hell did you know that? When I got here this morning I found all that fencing (which was now back up) down and her stood next to it all with it wrapped around her near fore leg!’ I smiled and carried on, thankfully she wasn’t hurt, more miffed that it had happened and she had got caught in the act! Then came the emotional bit…I see images or feel referred pain but she showed me a life she loved, a person she loved and going out and competing. I felt immense grief coming from her, I felt she really missed this person….then we went deeper.
She showed me that she became injured and unable to compete, so she had a foal. Now I knew who the real grief was for, because as soon as the foal was old enough, they were parted. The mare being the one ‘taken away’. She was sold on, I suspect a few times before ending up with my client…oh how the tears rolled. She was grieving for her baby. I’d recited this and her owner and I were both sobbing. I said to the owner, ‘Do you feel like she’s pushing you, testing you?’ Very much was the reply! I said she wants to see if you’ll discard her if she does something wrong. I said I can reassure her but she needs to hear this from you, a lot! Everything was out of kilter, I did what I could and recommended a good chiropracter as her pelvis was tilted, she’d shown me from when she was injured…then bred from 😔. We ended the session feeling so calm and as if a weight had been lifted off…the mare put her head to my chest, as they always do.. ‘Thank you’. But I should thank her, she trusted me to open up, what a privilege!
My client called me a couple of days later saying how she couldn’t believe the difference in her mare, almost as if she knew that she was safe. And no more trashing fences, 3 months on!
My biggest issue before meeting Niki was trusting my instincts, knowing the vision coming through were from the animal I was treating and not generated in my mind. I’m sorry for the essay but I thought it was such a beautiful story to tell. Picture is of me with my ‘heart horse’ Zak who sadly left me in 2005. He is one of my spirit guides and I know is never far from my right shoulder and it is he who really changed the way I looked at the conventional way of caring for horse’s and ultimately any animal.
Love and light to you all xx