My Book – Animal Healing

Animal Healing – Holistic Hands-on Techniques

Enhance the health and happiness of your beloved animals with my international best-selling book which is a comprehensive guide to holistic healing and therapy with animals. My book demystifies vibrational energy and offers detailed information about how you can sense, establish, and attune your awareness to animal energy. You’ll learn to activate wellness on all levels and deepen the unbreakable bond with your animal’s heart, mind, and soul. From Reiki to crystal therapy to hands-on-healing and communication, my book covers all you need to know.

Providing in-depth descriptions and personal accounts about each different healing modality, Niki sheds light on the true nature of emotional animal health and disease. Using ground-breaking techniques and exercises, she shows you how gemstones, crystals, flower essences, and other natural remedies can effectively heal your animal. The book has now been translated into three languages and is endorsed by several Vets worldwide.

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Animal Healing - Hands On Holistic Techniques