Charlie – The Feral Cat

I sense you, Charlie, behind the decaying corrugated panel and old clay pots. I know your fear, your concern, your anguish.

I come only to assess your wellbeing of body and mind, I bring comfort in the form of nourishment, no three course gourmet meal, served on crested china beside silver cutlery, it’s handy food from a tearable packet.
I bring you a bed, no downy feathers and void of 13 tog rating and Egyptian cotton. I bring a bed suited to outdoors, hard formed, waterproof.

I bring you a blanket, no pure new wool or quality fibres, but a cover of microfibre that will wick away moisture from your skin and help keep away damp.

I speak to you in kind voice of accent, not one with immaculate pronunciation and rounded vowels, just a voice, one of Northern origin. Understand me, Charlie that my compassion is worn on my sleeve, my heart carries you within it and if by chance you’re hearing me speak, know that when I walk away, out of sight, all this, these simple things to meet your needs, are yours; given with love…..

*My 6am meeting with Charlie, the feral cat at a clients house today, taking supplies*