1-1 Film – Herbal Medicine for Ageing or Elderly Canines – Film 1

1-1 Film – Herbal Medicine for Ageing or Elderly Canines – Film 1




This is the first of a series of films where Niki speaks face to camera and provides comprehensive information on a wide range of subject matter relating to holistic animal health and wellness and working as a professional animal therapist.

Film 1 – Herbal Medicine for Ageing and Elderly Canines

  • What is canine herbal medicine
  • The locations of herbal medicine
  • The ethos of animal herbal medicine
  • The connection between animals and herbs
  • How herbs support canine bodily functions
  • Herbal wild-crafting
  • Using animal herbal medicine topically and orally
  • The herbs to use for specific canine ailments including cancer, arthritis and UTi’s
  • Scientific approvals and studies support
  • The uses and attributes of 4 dedicated herbs for elderly dogs from Niki’s personal herbal medicine clinic
  • How to make: hot and cold compresses, disinfectants, herbal honeys, canine tea and others
  • Safety aspects of each herb


This film is over 40 minutes in duration and can be viewed time and again via our instant view link upon purchase. Remember the click link will show after purchase to take you directly to the film.

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