Animal Magic Reiki© – Diploma Course Pengenna Manor, Cornwall 9th June 2024




This is the first on-site Animal Magic Reiki diploma training course in 5 years, so places are anticipated to fill extremely quickly. This course enables the first 4 people who book to bring their own well behaved, sociable dog or other small (caged) animal such a guinea pigs or a sociable rabbit. Please do not allow a nervous animal to accompany you and be aware that we cannot permit nervous or aggressive dogs on-site.

This professional course is a comprehensive & compassionate Animal Magic Reiki© package that contains all mandatory areas, including 6 specific & regulated modules in line with RCVM animal Reiki practitioner standards. This is why it’s the only UK animal Reiki training course to offer both a diploma and also post-nominal letters – e.g ‘Jane Smith AMRPDip’.

Included within this training day is your Animal Magic Reiki© attunement, along with two comprehensive training manuals and drink refreshments throughout the day.

Enjoy this magical Reiki training and strengthen the already unbreakable bond between you and your animals. You will receive your complete and compassionate attunement with your dog  present* in the stunning stables barn at the 800 year old Pengenna Manor. Its 300 acres of woodland and meadows are yours to savour with your dog during this quality, bespoke, unique & professional Animal Magic Reiki© training course. Located just 4 miles from the coast of Port Isaac – famous for Doc Martin, why not make this day part of a memorable break or holiday away. I can suggest local accommodation to suit all budgets,

*First 4 people to book.

What’s Included:

Attunement: Included in this magical one day on-site professional Animal Magic Reiki course is a special, compassionate and complete Animal Magic attunement. Niki has been a Reiki Master for over 27 years and is lucky enough to hold a lineage line that is just 11th from Dr Usui, although the Animal Magic Reiki attunement is not a Usui attunement. Its focus is specifically upon the usage of Reiki with the animal kingdom and unlike in Usui Reiki where there are three parts to complete, there is just this one part in Animal Magic Reiki.

Training Manuals: You will receive a 170 page full colour training manual, along with a second 74 full colour practitioner training manual illustrating the Animal Magic Reiki symbols, how to use them and for what animal issues. You will learn all the manuals content during the training day and your personal copies will be sent by email attachment in PDF shortly after the course

Refreshments: Drink refreshments are provided throughout the day.

Date & Location Details:

Date: Sunday 9th June 2024

Time: 10.30am – 5.00pm

Venue: Pengenna Manor, Trelil, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL30 3HX 

Animal Magic Reiki On-site Course Outline

Key Elements of Animal Magic Reiki
Reiki & The Animal Chakra System
Brambells 5 Freedoms
The Animal Magic Reiki© Principles
Preparing to Become a Reiki Channel for Animals
The Animal Magic© initiation ceremony
The Gassho Connection
Animal Magic Reiki© Benefits
Animal Magic Reiki© Health & Safety
Awakening Your Animal Magic© Channel / Release Negativity / Invoke Your Power Animal/s
The Animal Magic Reiki© Sacred Symbols; Comhar / Dail / Bua
The Animal Magic© Reiki Hand Positions
Sealing, Balancing & Grounding
Observed Animal Responses and Reactions
Absent Animal Magic Reiki©
Animal Magic Reiki© & Rainbow Bridge
Healing techniques for non-companion animals
Working professionally, Conducting Sessions, Conveying Information, Working Within The Community, & The Ethics, Guidelines & Legalities of Animal Magic Reiki and lots of practice with your own/group members animals & so much more

Professional Certification: This course contains all 6 regulatory and mandatory modules to enable you to work as a professional Animal Magic Reiki Healer in over 22 countries worldwide and gain professional practitioner insurance. Due to the course standard, many of our graduates go on to work alongside vets in practice and other animal health professionals. If you just wish to work with your own animals then you need not complete the applied learning sections or case studies in the manuals. If you wish to gain professionally recognised diploma certification to work alongside Vets and another animal health professionals you will need to complete the applied learning sections which take around 50 – 60 hours to complete with no time limit on completion!

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Course Type

Certificate, Diploma, Test