Bach Flower Therapy – Home Diploma Course


A three-part diploma training Learn & Home course



This course is one of only two Bach therapy for animals diploma courses in the UK. Due to its syllabus of including the 5 mandatory areas of using Bach Flower Therapy professionally with animals, this course is insurable in over 22 countries.This is a three part course, each part completed via Learn @ Home. There is no on-site attendance. This course is also supported with video and audio tuition. You are required to undertake each part in turn.

This professional course is structured to help you become a valued, trusted and knowledgeable part of the holistic animal health community. From the history and discovery of Bach remedies and their connection to animal behavioural states, to undertaking a detailed client consultation and selecting the correct remedy and the many areas of application, our course will enable the graduate to administer Bach flower remedies correctly, professionally and effectively with animals.

Bach Flower Therapy for Animals course outline

  • The Foundation 7 History of Bach Flower Remedies
  • The 7 States of Being & Remedy Attributes
  • Animals Self-medicating with Plants, Plant Spirit Essence & Healing Plants
  • The Language of Flowers & Their Intelligence
  • Why Bach Therapy is Needed for Animals
  • Animal Emotional & Physical Spheres
  • Stress in Animals, Environmental Changes, Recognising Animal Differences
  • The Role of Bach Flower Remedies & Animals
  • Vibrational Medicine & Energy Fields
  • Successful Bach with Animals
  • Animal & Human Bonds
  • Recognising Signs of Animal Illness
  • The 7 Emotional States of Animals
  • Detailed Descriptions of the 38 Remedies and their attributes for animal wellbeing
  • Flower Remedies & Medicinal Differences
  • Animals & The Application of Bach Remedies – Methods, Frequency of Administering, Effective Administering, Essence Cycles, Essence Confusion
  • Selecting Bach Flower Remedies for Yourself
  • Animal Magic Bach Flower Professional Consultation
  • Client Assessment & Consultation Observations
  • Animal Bonds & Boundaries
  • Health & Safety
  • Animal Law & Bach Essences & Veterinary Referral
  • Animal Magic Code of Professional Practice, Integrity & Animal Ethics

We offer a pay by instalments plan for all courses.

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Course Type

Part One – Foundation – Learn @ Home, Part Two – Implementor – Learn @ Home, Part Three – Practitioner – Learn @ Home, Complete Course