Animal Crystal Therapy – Home Diploma Course


The only crystal therapy for animals’ course to award diploma level certification in the UK.



A two part diploma training course completed via Learn @ Home. You are required to undertake both parts in turn. Due to its syllabus of including the 5 mandatory areas of using crystal therapy for animals professionally, this course is insurable in over 22 countries. This course includes accompanying audio and video clips.

Part One – Foundation – Modules 1 – 16. Includes full training manual.

Part Two – Practitioner – Modules 17 – 22. Includes full training manual.

This is the only crystal therapy for animals’ course to award diploma level certification and post-nominal letters if required; e/g ‘Jane Smith AMCTDip’. 

About The Course
What makes this course widely recognised at practitioner level is the six mandatory areas it includes to enable it to be taught at such a high level. These areas include health and safety, professional conduct, the law in relation to animal healers and how to develop your professional crystal therapy for animals’ practice.

Crystal Therapy for Animals course outline

  • What Crystals Are, Crystal Formation, The Crystal Earth & The Human Body
  • Crystal Wisdom, Crystal Tribes & Self-attuning To Crystals
  • How Crystals Work, Working with Crystals, Cellular Level Healers
  • Discovering & Purchasing Crystals
  • Cleansing Crystals, Earth Cleansing, Sand Cleansing, Fire Cleansing, Sound & Toning
  • Programming Crystals, Programming Techniques, Energy Storage
  • Crystal Activation & Charging, Activation Techniques
  • The Human Chakra System
  • The Animal Chakra System, The Major Chakras, The Sensory Chakras, The Bud Chakras, The Butterfly Chakra
  • Animal Anatomy
  • The Animal Magic© Health & Safety Code of Practice
  • The Animal Magic© Professional Conduct Protocol
  • The Animal Magic Crystal Therapy Session in Practice
  • Animal Magic© Professional Working Protocol
  • Pendulum Dowsing
  • Crystal Therapy & Rescue Animals / Shelters, Safely Rescued, Energy Disturbance, The Animal Magic© Crystal Therapy Code of Staying Safe
  • The Animal Magic© Code – Rescue Centres
  • Crystal Therapy and Animals; Practical Application, The Animal Magic© 7-point Guide, Preparing Animal Crystal Sessions, Initial Contact & Connections
  • Application Layouts and Techniques
  • Comprehensive Animal Observations & Responses
  • Anchoring & Grounding
  • Crystal Placement – Grids & Layouts, Crystal Balance, Recovery & Support, Joint & Mobility, Internal Organ & Soft Tissue, Releasing Trauma / Rescue Animal, Behavioural, Unity Grid
  • Ascension Advancement in Crystal Healing, Physical and spiritual wellbeing, Staying in the present moment
  • Crystal ascension – Moon & Sun grid, Ascension 1 – The Heart Connection, Ascension 2 – The Energy Connection with Amethyst & Aquamarine, Ascension 3 – Whole Body Integration
  • Contraindicated Crystals
  • Crystal tuition Video Links to Enhance Learning & Crystal Application
  • The Animal Magic Training© Crystal Tool Kit
  • Professional Practitioner Diploma Information
  • The Veterinary Protection Act & Disclaimer

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Course Type

Complete Course, Foundation Training, Practitioner Training