Does one size fit all?

Do you believe everything? Something? Not much of anything?

Most of you will know that I’ve been an animal healer and therapist for over twenty two years. I’ve applied various natural healing techniques along with animal therapy to a wide variety of animal species. Such clients include the healing of goats, snakes, llamas and alpacas, giraffes, ferrets, fish, a tiger, and even insects.

I work as an animal healer here in beautiful, rural Norfolk which is claimed to be the warmest and driest county in the UK, today was no exception. When giving animals therapy, especially non-companion animals that live outdoors, warm weather is just the ticket when healing animals for a living.

Today, I had the opportunity to give hands-on healing to Zoom, a gorgeous rescued equine. It was the second time I’d given animal Reiki to Zoom and the positive results in Zooms’ behaviour were phenomenal.


This morning I found myself once more at the lovely arable farm in Breckland, Norfolk. The sun king was up close and personal at 7.00am as I shaded myself under a canopy of oak boughs to keep the session a little cooler.

A rescue horse since the beginning of March, Zooms’ carer and myself have, once again, come to the understanding that one size does not fit all. To clarify – Zoom was rehomed by two previous owners when he started to comply with additional training methods that they wanted to implement with him.

One method is quite old and rather an established technique, so many people around the world follow this equine training programme. These people might think ‘there’s several books about this method, this technique is used by millions, or the creator is well respected, etc, etc’ so it must work for all horses. There are billions of people in the world, we are fortunate to have choices about how we do things as human beings. Animals are not as fortunate, so just because something is widely known and practiced, doesn’t make it right for each of them.

On my professional Animal Magic Training courses I teach the following…..
‘This training manual, (and it certainly is a lengthy tome!), is to be used by you, the student, as a guide only. Do not follow my words to the letter for you will not make your own discoveries about the animals. Treading in my footsteps will not allow you to feel or see with your own inner eyes, because this will not allow you experience your own soul connection with animals’.

To me, soul connection is clarified by stepping into the very essence of the animal. This means moving ourselves out of our physical body and away from the limitations of the analytical brain. I place ‘awareness’ at the forefront of every one of my animal healing sessions for behavioural imbalances, just like I did today. I don’t think ‘why isn’t the animal doing so and so’ or ‘how can we get the animal to comply’. When engaged with an animal in soul connection we begin to see with different eyes, we observe with the eyes of our soul and not our physical ones that invariably sends messages up to our analytical brain. Being with an animal in this way of soul helps us to receive feelings full of deep understanding, and allows experiences that makes us closer to them. It also allows profound healing to take place on many levels.

Sometimes we may be moved to tears, feel very strong emotions or want to shout with joy when experiencing these feelings, because soul connection allows us to ‘merge’ with the essence of the animal for a short while.

When we disengage from ‘methods’, even the tried and tested ones applied by millions, and observe our animal in their purest form, we will instinctively know what steps forward to take – for the answers will come from ‘soul’, not from ‘method or technique’.

With love,

Niki Senior – Master Herbalist, Founder & Formulator of AniScentia and Principal of Animal Magic Training.