Energy + Healing = Positive Change

Energy + Healing = Positive Change

By scientific standards healing shouldn’t work, but we know it does from the countless, almost miraculous personal stories from around the globe. With a background in Psychology, I turned my back on science based medicine and moved towards the holistic way, when at the young age of twenty-five I suffered a stroke whilst at university. Hands-on healing and complementary therapy aided my complete recovery in just twelve weeks.

I was raised in Yorkshire, in a no nonsense working class family. Mind over matter was called for many times, including when I’d been taken home from school ill, by the head teacher.

Being an only child and rather introverted, I took solace in the natural world and in my animal friends, namely one black semi-feral cat named Timmy whom my father had rescued from a steel foundry where he worked. As soon as I saw Timmy I was smitten. He was part wild and very shy but it became apparent that I was the one he trusted as he lay across my lap, purring while I stoked his midnight coloured fur.


Not long after Timmy arrived he went off his food and we had to take him to see the vet. Timmy was estimated to be around six or seven and after tests, Timmy was diagnosed with a renal tumour and the vet advised that he’d probably not live more than a few weeks and to make him as comfortable as we could and prepare for him to be put to sleep. I was five or six years old at the time so I didn’t really understand the scale of his illness, until Dad explained what it meant. I was mortified and knew that I had to do something to save my best friend. Each day after school I’d hang up my bag and go and find Timmy. I’d place him on my knee and visualise a vibrant, silvery white light flowing through his body. I’d then place my hands on Timmy’s side and ‘give him energy’, I now know this to be ‘hands-on-healing’.

As the days turned in to weeks Timmy started to perk up, he even took an interest in play as I’d drag a piece of string across the floor for him to chase.

After four months we took Timmy back to the vet and the vet couldn’t quite believe it, he could no longer feel a growth, and was astounded at the way Timmy presented himself.

This was the early 1970’s and obviously veterinary medicine wasn’t as advanced as it is today, so one has to wonder if a wrong diagnosis had been given, or healing energy really had helped heal my best friend, one thing’s for sure is that Timmy and I shared another ten years together and from that early age I’ve been on a quest to find out about the power of energy, where it exists, and how it can stimulate, create and affect change within the human and animal body.

Hands-on energetic healing falls under the sphere of holistic medicine. This means that the physical body is treated as a whole along with its symptoms, not separately like orthodox medicine. The natural animal medicine approach views illness and disease as an imbalance of the mind and body that is expressed on the physical, emotional and mental levels of the animal. Although allopathy does recognise that many physical symptoms have mental components (for example, emotional stress might promote an animal to demonstrate negative behavioural changes), its approach is generally to suppress the symptoms on both physical and psychological levels. Natural medicine assesses the symptoms as a sign or reflection of a deeper instability within the animal, and subsequently tries to restore the physical and mental harmony which will then alleviate the initial symptoms.

I have witnessed near miracles in human and animal health through holistic healing as I have practiced as a professional animal therapist for over twenty years and have worked alongside many vets; teaching them how holistic medicine can be implemented into modern medical practice. Many people are under the misconception that there has to be an ‘either or’ when in fact complementary techniques can work greatly alongside traditional veterinary medicine, but should never be a substitute. I recognise that the most modern veterinary techniques such as ultrasound, sophisticated laboratory tests, and surgical procedures are necessary in caring for animals.  Even though I wholeheartedly trust complementary medicine one hundred percent, my veterinary surgery is always the first point of contact when my own animals are sick. Without their experience in diagnosis techniques I would be unable to treat my animals effectively and efficiently. Complementary medical practitioners do not diagnose illness.

Hands-on healing, connecting to that vital energy source, vibrating on a higher level – we are all capable of harnessing this energy for the highest good and what’s more, it’s free. Had I not experienced for myself the miraculous results of hands-on healing after my stroke I may have doubted my early experiences with Timmy and may not have been the person I am today.

Niki Senior – Principal of Animal Magic Training

Cert.Ed AMMHDip VTCTDip IIHHTDip AMMCTDip Reiki Master, Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist – 22 Years & Founder & Formulator of AniScentia – Naturally Organic Animal Wellness.