Q: Do I have to be an experienced healer to enrol?

A: No. Because all Animal Magic Training© courses are complete, professional training packages, they are suitable for both novice and experienced healers due to the structure of courses. You do not need any qualifications or experience of healing or working with animals before enrolling. Because our training is the highest standard available, all our courses are recognised by insurance for you to practice in over twenty two countries worldwide. Ensure you ask your own cover provider before enrolling.

Q: Is there home study to complete?

A: As well as the requirement to complete the applied learning sections for professional certification, there are case studies to complete before practitioner certification is awarded if you choose to do option one. For option two (P.I.A) there are no case studies to complete. There are two options of assessment for graduation certification are highlighted below:

Assessment Method One: Portfolio Assessment. This option requires hands-on practical case studies included in a portfolio that is completed at home in order to complete the entire course and apply for certification. If you have successfully included all the necessary criteria in your portfolio you will receive your practitioner diploma certification within 21 days after the set marking date – (dates are below), by post.

Assessment Method Two: Practical Intensive Assessment (P.I.A). There are no case studies or portfolio to complete with this option, but this option is not available for our AniHerba or AniRoma course. You only need complete the Applied Learning sections. A P.I.A is a pre-arranged date by 1 x 2 hour video calls.  During the P.I.A session you will be assessed on specific criteria requirements. If there are areas which need improving, then you will have the opportunity to work through them during an additional session. You will receive your practitioner certification within 21 days of undertaking the P.I.A, by post. More details can be found on the ‘assessment’ page.

Q: Do I receive a printed certificate?

A: Until 4th May 2023 certificates were printed and posted to graduates. Upon evaluating the process after 23% of certificates got lost in the postal service over the previous three years and had to be reprinted and reposted, it was decided that in order to operate more efficiently and less costly that certificates would now be printable by the graduate. They will still contain a signature of authenticity and additionally each certificate will be given a unique personal number.

Q: How do I start/complete the Learn @ Home course?

A: All Learn @ Home diploma courses are completed on your own pc by self structured learning. Before you purchase any course you should ensure you can open PDF files that will be emailed to you and have the correct software to view any course videos or listen to any course audio files, if there are any included. After purchasing the course, you will complete an enrolment form, which pops up automatically. We’ll then process your enrolment and send your course via email within ten days (if purchased by Stripe) or within five working days if you pay via PayPal. Each module should be completed in turn. At the end of each module there is a an applied learning section to complete which compounds and enhances your knowledge of the subject and forms part of the required course criteria for professional certification. With some courses there are supporting videos to view. Learn at home courses are not on-line courses, they are self-structured packages completed on your pc by email. We cannot accept individual modules for marking only complete course elements.

Q: Why is there a wait between the release of some course parts?

A: Because AniRoma and AniHerba are intense and lengthy courses, it is required that we leave additional personal study time between each course part. This enables the student to further their knowledge in the relevant modality and make additional study in what is a very complex subject area. It’s important to undertake additional study during this time because after the submission of your final portfolio (and dependant on its content) you may be asked to provide a 3000 words dissertation on the additional area of study you chose to undertake during this break period in order to support your professional certification achievement.

Q: How long will it take to complete a course?

A: This all depends on the amount of time you spend completing the course and of course what course you have chosen to do. It’s also dependant on which course you purchase as some have time gaps between each staged release. Some students complete courses within 5-11 months, but you have a full 36 months (as of May 2023) from the purchase date or attendance date if it’s an on-site course to complete each Animal Magic Training course.

Q: Are there specific annual marking dates?

A: Yes. Annual portfolio marking dates are: February and November. Your portfolio needs to reach us by email by the 15th of that particular marking month. Should you not be able to commit to any marking month then you may request a non-scheduled marking date (NSMD) which is arranged with Niki. Fourteen days notice is required to book an NSMD option and the fee is £78.88 and is paid by bank transfer only. Non-scheduled marking dates are unavailable from 21st May until 5th September of any year. Non-scheduled marking dates are unavailable for AniRoma and AniHerba courses.

Q: Can I work professionally after training?

A: Yes! Worldwide, but check with your personal insurance provider first. Because all Animal Magic© training courses are at the highest diploma level grade, our courses are fully insurable, allowing you to practice professionally. Our courses are recognised worldwide in over 22 different countries. For specific countries you should check with your own insurance provider. Animal Magic Training© is the only provider to award graduates optional post-nominal letters for use after your name, giving kudos and instilling confidence in individuals and professionals who use your services. Post nominal letters are an optional purchase. Many of our graduates go on to work alongside Vets in professional practice and other animal health professionals. Our Post-Nominal letters can be used on all advertising and marketing materials if you have made the purchase. The purchase fee for post-nominal letters is £88. Should you require post-nominal letters on your certification, payment must be made at the time of portfolio submission or they will not be entered upon your professional certification.

Q: How do I send my completed portfolio to you?

A: We do not accept hard copies through the post. We do not log in to any Google cloud function either. Please send your completed portfolio via email to the email address in your training package or by uploading to a third party if your portfolio is large. Such providers include WeTransfer which is a free service.

Q: Will I receive support during and after training?

A: Yes! Support can be offered via our 1-1 telephone mentoring sessions. These are reserved in 30 minute durations and are offered by telephone to students in the UK from September to April. These are booked through this website. For hearing impaired students sessions are offered via email. There is also our free dedicated Facebook group for students to offer support to one another.

Q: I wish to pay by instalments, when will I receive my course?

A. For reasons which are obvious, you will receive the course after payment has been made in full.