Inner Self Article & Book Excerpt

Recently I was thrilled that my book had been chosen to feature with an excerpt for Inner Self Publications on their website. Here’s what Inner Self used:


Loving Connection
No matter what we have experienced in our lives, tucked within each and every one of us is love. To me, healing is defined as a pure loving connection; it’s as simple as that. To demonstrate healing is to give love: unconditionally. Love is healing, healing is love. Healing is pure, without any conditions, without judgements, without restraint and without ego.

Healing is always given from the highest spiritual and/or earthly sources. I am a Druid, and I find that applying the twin energies of earth and spirit when I am healing animals imparts a channel of purity and one of divine connection.

Everyone Can Heal
From the perspective of grounding, animals who may have issues with trust and stability or those who are ‘highly strung’ can benefit from both spiritual and earthly energy combined. Animals have a natural connection to the energies of the earth, most being quadrupeds. Working as an animal healer does not mean that applying the healing energies of the earth is reserved for Druids only, for the chosen few, or for gifted souls to demonstrate. The healing energies of both earthly and spiritual energy are available to all, and this includes YOU! Healing is working with all the tools of Mother Nature, just as our ancestors did.

The Purity of Healing
When I made my first discovery about being a channel for healing energy at the age of six with my cat Timmy, I did not know at this young age where the healing energy came from; but I became more aware that when I connected to Timmy there was an additional energy surrounding us. More importantly, I knew Timmy felt our kinship deepen, which is possibly the reason for his miraculous recovery. Just like I discovered aged six, many children can heal, and they can develop these skills bringing them into adulthood even if they have lain dormant for a good few years between. Anyone who has spent time around small children has seen first-hand the affinity they have with animals and how this is reciprocated.

There are many children who can heal, and I believe these special young souls will go on to create great positivity in our world. Because children don’t have the preconceived ideas about energy that we adults do, they are often a purer channel for healing energy. Animals sense this and connect with children in a different way than they do with adults. Often throughout childhood we are taught to experience only the things our parents wish us to experience, and childhood can become structured and rigid, moving children away from their inner experiences that form their unique and individual personalities. To be able to open ourselves up to become a healing channel, we have to capture the essence on innocence, draw on our inner child resources, and escape to that magical kingdom beyond the physical realm that all children are capable of experiencing.

Left Brain Right Brain
A healer generally approaches healing from the right-hand side of the brain. It is said that the right sphere of the brain is where creativity and experience takes place. On the other hand, the left-brained approach is all about critical reasoning and analysing, this is where healing scepticism can begin. Within the sphere of healing there is little room for analysing energy, we simply trust that the healing is working how it’s intended to work.

For a large part of my life I functioned from the left-hand side of my brain; even more so after working in the realm of Psychology. Psychology didn’t turn out to be my vocation, but it did teach me a great deal about myself, my life and about how I related to the people around me, and them to me. The path of psychology did make me question my ability to heal animals, even though I had seen the proof of my many achievements with my own eyes. In fact, the left brain analytical side began to take over in many areas of my life. I began to question my early experiences of healing Timmy, and whether it was just a figment of my childhood imagination. Maybe his tumour would have shrunk anyway? Had I imagined it? Then at one stage in my late twenties I almost gave in to my own doubts and to the opinions of healing expressed by others; especially the times when I heard people ask, ‘What makes you think you’re so special that you can heal?’ I knew I wasn’t at all special, so I did question many aspects.

However, after a great deal of thought, and of course my personal experience of self-healing after my stroke, in my heart I knew that this was an innate ability in everyone. This level of being and understanding was something that our ancestors were able to demonstrate freely, but had become lost in the progression of modern medicine. I know now that anyone can heal, if only their hearts and minds are open. Any person can demonstrate healing with another being. However, what healing actually means can differ from person to person.

How Healing Works
When I teach Animal Magic healer training, one of the first things I impress upon my students is not to try and understand how healing works. The fact is that nobody really knows. We learn to accept that it has a profound effect on the human and animal body when we are a part of this exchange of energy, nothing more. This exchange can become miraculous, and throughout my time as a professional animal healer I have seen near miracles, echoed by many of my students with their animal clients.

The Healing Balance
Healing is all about balance; applying energy to balance the whole being. The whole being has many different levels, and allowing healing to take place on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual spheres can be as easy or as complicated as you wish to make it.

When I am working with an animal client, no two healing sessions are the same. I treat each session individually and each client holistically. The holistic way of hands-on healing means that I treat the animal as a whole, rather than focusing on one specific problem area such as a physical symptom, as physical symptoms can often have imbalances on emotional levels.

When I speak of balancing or ‘rebalancing’ energy, I refer to the readjustment of excessive or depleted energy in a specific area or areas. It is usual for subtle energy levels (chakras) within and without the body to be unbalanced, because energy is required for the body to perform certain tasks, such as walking, eating, and thinking; so extra energy needs to go to the various areas of the body where it is required at an appropriate point in time.
For example, if an animal is faced with danger they need to be able to react very quickly and run away as fast as possible; or react in any other way to save them from this threat. With this in mind the animal utilises energy for this situation from many areas, but the main areas are their adrenal glands (to release adrenaline), their heart (to give them the ability to pump blood faster in order to move quickly), and the head (to provide quick thinking). From the viewpoint of danger the animal needs to be able to create an excess of energy. However, excessive energetic imbalances, particularly over the longer term, can cause emotional and behavioural distress along with physical illnesses. When healing is given to an animal the aim is to help the body to rebalance and repair itself. Healing is a holistic and natural way of bringing the energy of the body back into harmony, but it should never be used as an alternative to veterinary treatment.

Soul Friend
To illustrate an imbalance of energy, I call to mind a client that I communicated with many years ago. This particular client was healthy and well in all areas except one. It was August 1999 and I had been booked to communicate with Bobbin, a beautiful Welsh Cob, by his owner, Elaine. Bobbin lived on a smallholding overlooking Lathkill Dale in The Peak District. Sadly he had become lethargic since being rehomed from Devon, three months previously. On the outside it didn’t show; Bobbin was a handsome boy who exhibited an air of authority and genteel refinement.

When I communicate with an animal I link directly to their etheric energy body through touch and telepathic linking, which enables me to tap in to an animal’s life-force, allowing their personal story to unfold. Through connecting in this way I am able to detect any areas of imbalances within their energy spheres that may be manifesting as emotional or physical symptoms. Communicating with an animal also provides me with many answers in relation to their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

When I met Bobbin I took a deep, cleansing breath and I placed my hands upon him, close to his heart. I felt a connection to him immediately. The words ‘Soul Friend’ came into my mind. Bobbin started to snort and move his head up and down; I knew these words had connected us and that Bobbin was willing to unravel his story.
Bobbin took me on a journey where I saw in my mind’s eye an Exmoor pony grazing beside a fast flowing brook of crystal clear water. Surrounding this pony was the brightest shimmering golden trail of light. Tears started to well in my eyes, and I became emotional as I rested my hands upon Bobbin’s butterfly chakra. He began to twitch and swish his tail uncontrollably as blue light emanated from his body and connected directly to this gorgeous Exmoor mare in my vision. Bobbin turned his head and looked into my eyes and I knew I had established the crux of his unhappiness.

For around fifty minutes I gave healing over Bobbin’s broken heart. I grounded him and removed much sorrow and pain. This wonderful cob was pining for his Soul Friend, the Exmoor pony in my vision.

Over a cup of tea shared with Elaine afterwards, the information from our communication session struck a nerve and she immediately telephoned Bobbin’s previous owner. Elaine became very emotional as she listened to the person on the other end of the line. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she heard how two weeks before he had come to live with Elaine, Bobbin had lost his soul companion Tilly; an Exmoor pony. Tilly had contracted a neurological disease and was sadly put to sleep. It transpired that these equine partners had grazed together at the base of the flowing stream, and Tilly and Bobbin had shared an unbreakable bond. It all made sense.

Three weeks later I received a telephone call from Elaine to say that she had offered a home to an Exmoor pony called Treacle, and how, since my visit, she had seen a positive change in Bobbin. Not only had he gained vigour and vitality, he rushed over to greet Elaine every morning with great enthusiasm.

The Healing Vibration
When we heal or communicate with animals we tap into a sacred and vital energy source. Energy is all around us, in every living thing we see and in many things we can’t. Energy is within trees and plants, in rivers, rocks and stones. However, there are vast differences in the way each of these transmit energy. For example, the sea has a different vibration to that of the earth. Everything on our planet carries its own energetic vibration and its own special frequency. It is this energy that makes complementary methods of healing such as hands-on healing, homeopathy, aromatherapy and herbal medicine so successful; each one carries its own energetic vibration and this energy in turn connects us all. We all pulse or vibrate at different rates but we all vibrate within the same cosmos; we are all interconnected. It doesn’t stop there. Each and every organ in the body and every illness carry a different energy too. To simplify things a little, think about the vibration of sound and how we feel uplifted when we hear a particular piece of music, or how we feel moved to tears when cutting words are spoken. Sound is a vibration which in turn stimulates us to vibrate when we connect to our emotions. Emotions are our most powerful energy transmitters. Positive thoughts and positive emotions emit positive frequencies. When healing is applied it can only be given with positive intent, healing never works on a negative frequency, it is impossible for it to do so.

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