Is Your Dog Allergic to Summer?

“When will I get a full nights’ sleep”?
“She’s making herself raw”.
“I just wish I could do something more”.
“She’s just not herself”.

These were words that fell from my mouth freely around 5 years ago. Our triple coated dog suffered terribly with skin issues from the age of 3 until 5 years old. We came to dread the summer. From constant hind inner and outer leg nibbling, to under chin and chest scratching, to sneezing and lethargy.

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We did not want her taking prescribed steroids each summer, because steroid therapy only masks the symptoms and doesn’t address the cause. Furthermore, this course of action can have adverse consequences on the liver function later in life. Steroids can cause lesions to occur on the liver as a result of negative changes in the liver cells.

We took the major decision to invest £1180 in order to investigate just what our dog was allergic to via an extensive (and expensive) full scale blood allergy report. Not only did the report show that she was allergic to some meats, but also to a wide number of grasses, including meadow fescue, perennial rye and timothy grass. Well, we live in the Norfolk countryside and our lanes are awash with such grasses. We had to change our walking route. Street walks became the only option and thankfully as we have lots of pretty villages this didn’t pose too much of a problem, even getting in the car to drive to them.

Wild Oat

The report shown she was allergic to things we can’t remove from the environment, but we choose to avoid woodland areas; sweet chestnut tree pollen, ash pollen, leaf mould, the list goes on. She’s also allergic to aspergillus and dust mites too. Thankfully she proved negative in respect of cats – yes, dogs CAN be allergic to cats, well their skin dander anyway.


I qualified as an aromatherapist back in the mid-nineties. At the same time as Saskia’s allergy report came in, I was undertaking my Master Herbalism qualification and had also recently qualified as an aromathologist. I decided to implement a few anti-inflammatory and skin supporting herbs, essential and carrier oils into Saskia’s food and skin health regime. Only one herb proved not to be successful in reducing her itching skin and actually seemed to exacerbate it. It took 3.5 years to build up safe combination profiles of herbal and essential oil remedies dedicated to canines with skin allergies. Many of my clients tested these with there own dogs and the results even astounded me.

Aniscentia Animal healing course

Once I had graduated as a Master Herbalist I founded AniScentia in 2016. Drawing on my twenty two-years of experience of working with animals and teaching animal therapy and my experience in treating my own dog enhanced my understanding about just what it means to see our canine companions so troubled by constant nibbling, scratching and self-mutilation.

May is now upon us and some pollens are at their height and soon we’ll be moving into summer. If you’d like to start taking steps to an doggy itch reduction summer, then AniScentia offers a wide range of skin and allergy remedies to help all dogs; from serums to help reduce inflamed skin, to hydro’s that help stop the itch, along with nutritional powders and elixirs to nourish from the inside out, including elixir oils to provide support to those dogs with drier skins.

We even produce our Flea Flee! Hydro that reduces flea activity on the dog and around the home when used regularly. Copy the links below to take you to the relevant product.

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Coolie Cossett – A Hydro to cool and calm reactive skin

Soothe Me Serum – A topical blend of organics oils applied to reduce inflamed or dry patches of skin

Pro-Derma Elixir – A 99% internal oil that nourishes the body from the inside out

Hot Spot Potty – A topical application for hot spots and moist skin areas, with calendula and myrrh

Trauma Balm – A 100% organic skin wax with oils to help repair skin trauma:

Ultimate Vitality – A canine superfood of 6 nutritional powders (sprinkled on food or given in a little oil) including nettle and milk thistle – a must for toxin processing and healthy skin:

Flea Flee! Hydro – A powerful blend of 8 essential oils in a base hydrosol to help banish fleas and their eggs:

You can purchase some of these products in combination packs too: see

AniScentia – Unrivalled organic canine wellness. 100% human grade ingredients formulated by Master Herbalist & Animal Wellness practitioner of 22 years. No fillers, binders, phthalates, bulking agents, anti-caking agents, colours, flavourings, additives, toxins. We list EVERY ingredient on our packaging, not just the highlighted ones!

AniScentia – the finest canine nutritional and wellness support in the UK.


Consult your vet if you have canine concerns.