Meet some of my clients…..

Hello all – I’ve had some incredible experiences with my animal clients over the past month. For those of you in my Facebook support group for students and graduates only, you’ll be familar with my daily posts, anecdotes and snippets from my day. If you aren’t undertaking any of our training courses, but would like to read a little about my clients and what I encounter then read on;

A session with a small dog who had suffered greatly in a puppy farm 

He said ‘I’m unsure’. I explained that because he was experiencing ‘feeling’ he’d progressed. He thought about this, then proceeded to lay in front of me, albeit with head raised and body ready to move should the fear become too much…..But it was progress and each small step is the path to healing….Freddie is in experiential lockdown and non-acknowledgement of any mental, emotional and physical experience after a horrendous start in life at a puppy farm. It’ll take time, but that along with love is something I have.

Donkey Delight 
I enjoyed working with a 31 year old donkey a few days ago who insists on ‘rejoicing’ after his Animal Magic Healing session. His rejoicing is the most deafening braying noise that apparently can be heard a quarter of a mile away by a Mrs S. Mrs S know’s my clients owner so asked what (on earth) had caused Sparkey to bray so much at the same time every month – I’m afraid I AM GUILTY! 😉
The Thoroughbred
I treated a stunning thoroughbred who MUST be treated with crystal therapy under HIS tree. Whenever he sees me get out of my car with my case I can just about spy him over the hedgerow moving towards his arboreal friend in preparation of healing. Once the treatment has come to an end he insists on circling the tree. It’s his little ritual.
Tears with Toby
Toby, the springer spaniel that was rescued after being tied to a tree after a shoot, possibly because he was terrified of gun noise, is doing remarkably well. I’ve treated him twice now. The first time saw him hide behind the sofa, only coming out to peer around the side, it was a distant healing session. Today was different, I did AniRoma and his human and I were astounded at the progress as he chose his oils, we mixed them in a spritzer and by the end of the session he was on his back wanting tummy tickles. It was tears all round!
Astounding day today. I had two of my own clients then saw 4 clients of one of my graduates I was covering for.
One of my own clients was Misty, an elderly Sheltie. She was suffering terribly with arthritis as she’d been kept outside in a cold, damp shed by her previous guardian who had dementia and obviously was unaware of her actions. Today Misty ran to my car for her 4th healing treatment instead of hobbling along stiffly like she’d done previously. Her guardian said she can even run for a ball now.
Reiki for Raki
The dawn crept up slowly behind me then tapped her bony finger on my shoulder. I stood in darkness, welcomed by this ethereal creature as we spoke soul to soul. We watched a new day rise together, just the mere spark of morning peep through the cloudless sky. ‘I am always thankful’ Raki proclaims, what for, I question, ‘the light that triumphs over darkness, just like the pitch black night of a soul in suffering, until a mortal being truly understands guiding us to light and trust again’. I step forwards, peer into his eyes like pieces of amber and embrace the girth of this wise one. So much to share…..
I hope you enjoyed journeying with me meeting some of my November clients.
Many blessings,