Animal Crystal Therapy with Clients Fin & Daisy

Mother earth – Sustainer, provider, nourisher, story teller. Just four words to describe her. However, she’s a great healer too. Contained within the clay particles that make up our earth, crystalline structure can be found. These particles and their formations in solid form, can bring about great change to the lives of all creatures who live on earth. There are a multitude of mineral formations to be found within the earths’ crust, each created over millions of years through heat, water, pressure and light. The most common of all earth crystals is the formation known as quartz – the master healer.

I’m a crystal therapist for animals and I have used quartz for healing humans and animals for over thirty years, way before I graduated as crystal therapist, but in all honesty, like most people, I’ve been surrounded by quartz all my life without realising it. This is because it’s used in televisions, radios, medical equipment and many other devices due to its ability to accumulate and hold an electrical charge.


I was fortunate to learn about the healing earth through its crystals from a sixty-five year-old sage; an aboriginal shaman who I’d met quite serendipitously one mid-summers eve amidst a local stone circle. Australian by birth, this shaman named Boo was a teacher of earth mysteries who found himself in my neck of the woods whilst touring the sacred sites of the British Isles in 2001. Being Druid, a friend and I had made our June pilgrimage to a lesser known stone circle called Doll Tor on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire, England. Doll Tor is small, containing just six standing stones. The stones, no more than a few feet in height are surrounded on three sides by trees and the view opens out to the West across a spectacular panorama of the Derbyshire countryside. This sacred place is relatively unheard of, so Julie and I envisaged we’d be the only ones there to enjoy our midsummer ceremony; however, Boo had beaten us to it. We watched this mysterious gentleman in secret from under an oak bough canopy. He performed his personal ritual in honour of the sun god before our eyes.


It transpired that our efforts of seclusion were in vain as he knew we were observing him all along. We were invited into the circle of stones where we enjoyed a full evening of song, dance, feasting and forging new friendship with a total stranger.

During that magical day, Boo had agreed to teach me crystal therapy. A qualified crystal therapist, Boo shared his extensive knowledge with me over the following two years. I graduated with distinction and as an animal therapist, this knowledge prompted me to delve deeper into the earths’ crystal wisdom and uncover its link to the animals who walk upon it.

The earth emits so many frequencies and vast amounts of energy that animals are instinctively attuned to it. Because most animals are quadrupeds they instinctively know where positive and negative energy sources are emitted from beneath their feet, so subsequently are naturally in tune with the crystals formed within the earth.
Whether I’m working with horses or hamsters, it never ceases to amaze me how animals respond so positively when I’m using crystals for their healing.


One day I’d been called in to treat Fin, a wire-haired Border Terrier. Fin’s owner told me how he’d been a happy and lively three-year old until his annual booster vaccination, six months previously. Shortly after the injection Fin found himself unable to coordinate his hindlegs and started to hold his head at a rather strange angle. The vet initially thought that the injection could have hit muscular tissue or maybe affected a nerve, but sadly little Fin didn’t regain full coordination after four months.


Upon my visit, after the consultation form was completed by Fin’s owner, I assessed the situation and knew I needed to select a crystal that would help Fin to not only assist in his physical wellbeing, but also support his emotional and behavioural needs. It transpired that Fin had become lethargic because he was unable to go for walks, along with possible feelings of resentment towards his companion Daisy. Whenever Daisy and her owner returned home from a walk, Fin would show instant aggression towards Daisy and then take himself off to hide under the bed for the rest of the day. It was clear that Fin had multiple issues that needed to be addressed.
Because this was my first visit, I wanted this session to be about choosing crystal/s that would support Fin and not be defined to working on one specific issue at this stage. Working in this way with animals gives me a greater foundation to do further energy detection work, especially as I enlist the use of a pendulum.


I sat on the floor and asked Fin to come and sit in front of me. I could see he was quite wobbly on his hind legs, but he was inquisitive as to what I had in my large silver case at the side of me. As Fin made himself comfortable, I took out my snow quartz crystal pendulum. I allowed myself to breathe steadily and evenly and I made connection with fin over his Anahata – (heart chakra). With the pendulum in my right hand held over Fin’s head, I moved it slowly down the middle of his body to the base of his tail. The pendulum began to vibrate and pull itself in to two areas of the little dogs’ body; the withers and at the start of the lumber region of the spine.

My pendulum, through dowsing over the physical body, had detected the areas were points of concern and needed to be supported by specific crystal choices. It was obvious that due to the way fin moved, he was putting great strain on not only various muscle groups, but also the spine.


With the information gleaned above, I instantly knew which crystal to use. I opened my case and took out blue/green Apatite. Apatite is a multi-functional crystal. It is said to eliminate blockages and return the body to balance, both areas would benefit Fin greatly. Apatite cleanses the aura of cluttered energies and Fin needed this due to his behaviour towards Daisy, this needed to be eliminated to reduce habitual aggression.

As I lay the apatite wand beside Fin, I noticed twitching in the neck area and his owner pointed out several muscular twitches in his hind quarters. Skin ripples, twitching and pulsing is a form of energy displacement, otherwise known as a ‘kinetic realignment’. This can indicate energetic changes happening on a cellular level. I allowed my hands to hover over one side of his body and I experienced heat, cold and tingling at the tips of my fingers. The Apatite was transmitting energy and I now needed to empower this by gridding Fin in the energy circuit with a combination of master quartz crystal healers. Fin relaxed even more, his breathing deepend and his eyes closed firmly. He was responding extremely well to his first ever crystal healing treatment.

With six single terminated (pointed) quartz crystals removed from their pouch, I placed one at either side of the dogs’ neck, one a few inches from the nose, another near the base of his tail and the remaining two I held in each hand rotating them in the mid spinal region. This action allows me to generate further energy and stimulate the crystal grid network even more greatly. Numerous sounds of contentment were emitted from Fin and after a full hour he opened his eyes slightly, yawned and look over to his owner. He’d obviously enjoyed this form of healing and the look of pure bliss made me very emotional.

After four days I received a telephone call from Elizabeth, Fin’s owner to say she hadn’t prepared herself for such a sudden transformation. It transpired that the day after my visit Fin had gone to greet Daisy with a lick when she’d returned from her walk instead of his usual aggression. On the third day following my visit, Fin had actually stood on his hind legs wanting to be listed on to the sofa – something he had been unable to do for the previous six months.

I treated Fin a total of four times, and he now just requires maintenance treatments every three to four months. Fin now experiences greater health and the last time I saw him I’m sure I saw him smile.

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Crystal healing is not a substitute for veterinary medicine.