My Rescue Cat Saved Three Lives – My Fate & Fortune Feature

Animal Healing – The one who taught me…..

I remember Timmy fondly. We shared special times, he knew my intimate thoughts as a child and he lives on in my heart. Timmy ignited my passion for black cats and I have him to thank that I have my life….


My Rescue Cat saved Three Lives
Last year I was asked to give an interview for Fate & Fortune magazine about how my childhood rescue cat had saved my life and the lives of my parents too. The feature was changed a little for the magazine that was published in March 2018, but I like the original story best that I gave to journalist Monica Cafferky….

Kindness to a childhood pet rewarded me in more ways than I could have imagined…
As my dad carried the brown cardboard box into the kitchen he said, ‘I’ve got something for you.’
My heart leapt. I had been badgering my parents for a cat for months.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out the surprise. As soon as my dad put the box on the floor a black cat leapt out and hid under a chair. ‘He’s a stray so he’ll be a bit nervous,’ dad explained. ‘We caught him at work.’
Dad worked at the steel works in Yorkshire. He told me it had taken two weeks to catch this feral cat.

‘I’m going to call him Timmy,’ I told dad as I crouched down on the floor and spoke to the cat in my mind.
‘Don’t be frightened,’ I told Timmy. ‘You’re safe now and I promise to take care of you.’
I had been talking to animals telepathically since I could speak. When I was three-years-old all the local dogs used to follow me up the road to nursery, mum called me the Pied Piper!
It was the 1970s and back then everyone let their dogs roam free in the streets. I remember telling the local dogs one day, ‘Please don’t come with me up the road, you might get knocked over.’ The dogs stopped following me after that.

As well as Timmy, we had three Rottweilers called Ziggy, Inka and Bonnie and I held regular chats with them as I walked to the shop for my mum. All three dogs came with me on the short journey as my bodyguards. We chatted about the dogs’ food, walks and how they felt generally. I loved those dogs to bits but Timmy was my special friend.

When Timmy arrived at our home I was six-years-old. However, we didn’t know his exact age although the vet thought he was eight. The vet had bad news, though, after we rescued Timmy we discovered he had a renal tumour. The vet said he probably wouldn’t live for longer than a few months ,but I instinctively knew that I could help Timmy and I placed my hands upon him every day, visualising pure, light, healing energy cleansing his system and shrinking the growth. I knew by then that adults didn’t like me saying I could ‘talk’ to the animals so I kept this gift and my healing a secret.

Two years after Timmy came to live with us, when I was eight-years-old, Timmy woke me up in the middle of the night. Normally, my dad put him outside on an evening but he must have sneaked back into the house.
Timmy patted my nose and then scratched my arm, which was not like him as he had never hurt me. Plus, he was making this terrible howling noise.

‘Get up, get up,’ was the message I received from him. When I got out of bed to see what was upsetting Timmy I was met with thick black swirling smoke on the landing. I ran in to my mum and dad’s bedroom and we all escaped from the house, people and animals, just in time.

Our neighbour’s home was on fire and the smoke was seeping into our home. The fire-fighter said that another two minutes and we would have all been dead – Timmy saved my family’s life.

Timmy lived until he was 16-years-old and passed into spirit naturally aged 16. He was an amazing cat and was the first animal that I healed.

At the age of 10, I pledged to help any animal in need and I became vegetarian in my teens. True to my word, I began to raise awareness of factory farming and animal welfare.

When I was 19 I met an Aboroginie shaman called Ungaiwishiu at a talk about Druidry and I liked him immediately. But it wasn’t until I was 25-years old that I went on to train with him, after suffering a mild stroke caused by stress. At the time, I was reading psychology at university and employed with the social services and I had little time to relax and enjoy my life. Now I release my illness was the universe’s way of getting my life back on track – to help the animals.

To assist with my recovery, I embarked upon a journey of holistic health and I’ve never looked back. I took a two year lengthy course with Ungaiwishiu called ‘Earth Energies and Vibrational Work, which was all about working with energy and crystals and the earth’s natural energy. My shaman teacher fine-tuned my natural healing skills and I also trained in various complementary therapy such as herbalism, reiki and aromatherapy and anatomomy and physiology.

In 1995, I put forward the first professional animal healing course, and later it was certified by the regulatory bodies. I started teaching animal healing in 1997 and in 2010 I was awarded training school status, which means I can now train teachers. Amazingly, I train vets in animal healing which means that science and spirituality can work together.

The vets who take my course give animals vibrational healing as well as modern medicine. Linking animal healing and medicine together means the medicines work better, faster and the vets can reduce the dose – reducing any possible side-effects.

In fact, I have such a good relationship with the local vet practices around my area that I’m booked up for the next six months. I’m now passing on clients to my animal healing graduates.

I see all types of animals at my healing practice, horses, dogs, birds, exotics, you name it they come for healing. But whenever I see a black cat I think of Timmy, my special friend who set me on my path to being an animal healer.

Written by Monica Cafferky of Fate & Fortune Magazine