Edwin & Arbor Essentia™


What an amazing horse, I thought as I walked over to the huge grey Irish Draught horse.

It was my first meeting with Edwin who had recently retired from working demonstrations at the grand old age of 28. Since giving up ploughing competitions, Edwin’s owner Jilly, had noticed that he had become a little disinterested in life, so much so that he preferred to spend a large part of his day in his stable and not out grazing with his other retired equine pals.

A vast part of my work as an animal health therapist and herbalist is treating horses for a wide range of behavioural, emotional and sometimes physical health concerns. My complementary health practice can include hands-on energetic healing, crystal therapy, Arbor Essentia© tree essences, herbs and tinctures and other methods including animal communication.

After I’d completed a detailed consultation with Jilly, I was taken to meet Edwin. This large, well set boy held his head low, his shoulders were tight and his motionless body promoted direct action. I took out 2 Arbor Essentia© essences from my work case. After years of personal development and connection with the tree kingdom through being a Druid, I devised a complete natural healing system in the 1990’s named Animal Essentia. The development of Arbor Essentia© took a total of seven years and a further 4 years to become a recognised stand alone, professional and insurable animal therapy modality.

Arbor Essentia© encompasses the use of 14 native British trees of the Ogham system in the form of healing essences.

As I looked deeply into Edwins’s eyes, I took out the essence of Duir from my case. Duir is one of the 2 key essences of Arbor Essentia© and is commonly known as oak. Duir promotes vitality and helps bring vigour to any animal feeling lethargic or depressed and can even stimulate healing for post-operative animals. As I took off the dropper bottle top Edwin lifted his head in interest. Then with a swish of his tail he raised his head even higher, it seemed to be like a ‘eureka moment’ was taking place for Edwin, just as if this was what he had been waiting for. I dropped a few of drops of the tree essence on my palm and Edwin was eager to lick my hands. He then took a deep breath, almost as if he was inhaling the vital essence of the ancient oak tree. I dropped a little more Duir essence onto my palm and rubbed it over his butterfly chakra. The butterfly chakra is located at the shoulder points and is a key sensing and connection area for human and animal. As we physically connected I felt the horse literally buzz beneath my hands as he edged backwards and forwards. Edwin then nuzzled his mouth as hard as he could into my palm. I knew we were making progress. His head jerked and he made a snorting sound and as I touched the top of his head to ground him. Edwin twitched and his skin rippled from neck to tail which indicates a kinetic release of energy. I knew this first session had been a success.

I did not need to use a second essence with Edwin, as unusually he responded so well to one sole remedy. I gave just 2 Arbor Essentia© treatments to Edwin and after my second visit I was delighted to see him roll in the field with his new younger equine chum, Patches. Edwins’ owners were astounded by his progress.

From years of personal experience, I guess the two most popular Arbor Essentia© essences that I use are Oak and Hawthorn – These are the two Key Essences and are primarily used for animals who have come from rescue centres or for those animals that have suffered emotionally or from abuse. These two key essences have a grounding, soothing and comforting effect.

Here are some of the ways in which I use Arbor Essentia©

  • Add a few drops in a misting bottle filled with water and mist around my animal client, bedding, cage, or room – I never spray directly onto the animal as this can be a little too invasive

  • Put a few drops on my hand and stroke into the animal’s coat

  • Bathe the animal and add the essence to the bath water

  • Allow then to lick a few drops from my palm

My personal experiences after using the essences of trees for healing brought such extraordinary emotional and physical relief from an injury I had sustained from teaching martial arts in the mid nineteen-nineties. For over twenty years I’ve been devoted to gaining deeper working knowledge of the healing tree kingdom and through Arbor Essentia©.

Living tree essences influence vibrational levels of existence, essentially prompting a change of consciousness. I have seen near miracles when using Arbor Essentia© but remember that no holistic treatment is an alternative for veterinary medicine.

If you too would like to learn to become a professional Arbor Essentia© Practitioner then view our professional diploma training course unavailable anywhere else in the world.