Tattered & Torn

Equine Therapy  / Crystal Healing for Horses

Tattered and torn – This is how Bo’s owner described her. After neglect, being dumped, being rescued, being unwanted once again, Bo’s owner was only too willing to ‘try’ to help her forwards into some level of stability and contentment.

This morning was my third visit to ‘nomansland’. Not an actual village name in Norfolk, but the name Bo’s owner, Mrs S, gave it when her husband decided he’d had enough of the city lights and wanted a quieter life and enrichment he could find only in the depths of Norfolk.

A tear rolled down my face even before I’d started the third equine crystal therapy session. As soon as I approached Bo tossed her mane and galloped alongside the fence to greet me, almost trampling a Muntjac deer that dared to cross her path!

A big sigh and a slight nod and the animal healing session began. The energy stagnancy around her gut had moved away greatly, leaving a vibrant sacral area. I arced the selenite over her butterfly chakra and Mrs S stumbled forwards each time. On the 4th time I passed the facet to her and she gripped it tightly but couldn’t move. All of a sudden she passed it back to me and threw her arms around Bo, something which Bo had been unable to accept. Bo then turned around to meet Mrs S head on. It became obvious this beautiful horse was ready to trust and to love once again, only this time she would not be betrayed.

Tears fell again as Bo nuzzled her head further into Mrs S, releasing a huge sigh. They both stood embracing in silence in love. It was obvious that Bo was enjoying her equine crystal therapy sessions and benefitting greatly.

Love – what scientist can prove what love is or if it even exists? Within healing science does not exist. We all feel love. Science cannot even begin to prove such feelings, it can only merely record the brain state in relation to them. The feeling of love, along with many other facets that make up the human psyche, is a force that cannot be proven, yet one that can conquer so much.

Maybe love is the most complete feeling we can ever experience in life……..

When I’m healing horses it’s one of the most wonderful spaces to share.

Be love,

Niki X