A Tale of Two Paddocks

‘They both go berserk when I move them over there, but I’d really like to utilise those couple of acres’. Words that were part of an email I received from Sarah, where she went on to describe the personality change within her two thoroughbreds.

Sarah couldn’t understand why biting, rearing, bucking, ground scraping and general aggression between her two horses could be seen almost instantaneously when they entered the two acre paddock.

This morning, Sarah, overlooked by her two beautiful equine companions met me as I trawled by foot lugging a heavy case and rucksack down a leaf strewn track to her house. I was unable to drive my car down to the property due to the ruts and mud. I really need a 4×4 as my 15 year old estate car does struggle on uneven ground as it’s very low to the ground.

Not much further I hoped and as I turned the corner Sarah came in to view, expecting me in a vehicle!. She ran over and thankfully took my case.

As we sat enjoying a cup of tea in the farmhouse she filled me in as to why she had called me, then added ‘I can’t quite put in to words or describe what I expect you to do as I’m baffled by the whole situation.
As we walked over to where the two horses were happily grazing a serene calmness washed over me, but as Sarah led me off to the right, behind the property I started to become queasy. There soon followed a feeling of foreboding in the pit of my stomach. Sarah began to sneeze and as she took out a tissue from her pocket her nose began to bleed, explaining how she always sneezed upon her approach to the land. I explained it was more than likely energy sickness, and went on to tell her how her horses were experiencing it too, but exhibiting different behaviour.

Equipped with copper dowsing rods, Ikin bobber, marker flags and my pendulum, it took me 40 minutes to assess the site. I discovered 4 fractured fault lines, amazingly one in each corner, culminating in the centre in a black stream. The energy was severely misaligned with its surroundings. It took me a further 50 minutes to plug, deflect and neutralise the fault lines, inserting copper peg rods and quartz terminates in to the earth.
I explained to Sarah how we need to allow the area to neutralize for an hour or so. Although she was adamant that I should stay and enjoy tea and homemade cake, I explained that I’d go to my next client and return before lunch.

I trudged once more back up the track and back down it again at just after noon.
Approaching the land this time I felt calm and very aligned, however, I wasn’t the one that needed to live on the land, the horses were. Toots and Bonnie were lead to over the newly aligned paddock.
I observed, and in all honesty, with a little trepidation…..

‘Absolutely bloody amazing’! Sarah proclaimed, followed by ‘I just can’t believe this!’.
The two equine friends ran hell for leather around the paddock boundary, almost whooping in joy. Bonnie proceeded to fall to the floor and roll (just off centre). They both then tossed back their heads and with joy in each movement, ran over to Sarah and I.

Now if I was Cornish I might say ‘Proper Job’ but as I’m from Yorkshire I’ll say it was ‘a job dun reyt’ 🙂