About Niki – Animal Therapist, Lecturer & International Author

I’m Niki and I’ve lectured in animal wellness since 1999 and in human therapy since 1996. Over these years I’ve taught people from across the globe which include Vets, animal behaviourists & therapists, holistic practitioners, animal trainers, high profile people within the media & people just like you.

In 1995, whilst on holiday, I suffered a T.I.A. I was studying in higher education, along with holding down a stressful job in the field of psychology, so the T.I.A was attributed to stress. I took this as a warning sign and turned my life around by embarking on a career that I’d always wanted to do; work with animals. I presented the first professional diploma course in animal healing to become approved to teach professionally in the UK.

My international best-selling book ‘Animal Healing – Holistic Hands-on Techniques by publisher Llewellyn Worldwide, is available across the globe from all good book shops along with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It has been translated into three different language

Due to my dedication to teaching to a high standard & for my valued contribution to holistic animal health, I was awarded training school status in 2010 ~ Animal Magic Training© developed from here.

I am qualified to degree level in three modalities and possess extensive knowledge and experience in complementary wellness and holistic animal and human health.  I have treated hundreds of animals across the globe since 1996.

As a Master Herbalist & Aromathologist, I founded the unique company AniScentia in 2016, which is the only organic herbal canine wellness and nutrition brand, I sold the company in 2019 and it’s now operating from Somerset.

Our latest unique diploma courses include:

AniRoma – Canine & Equine Aromatherapist course is now available at practitioner diploma level.

AniHerba – Canine & Equine Herbalist course in now available at practitioner diploma level.

You can purchase courses by clicking the link below:


Aniscentia Animal healing course
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Niki’s Philosophy

Animal Magic Training© has been providing quality, professionally recognised animal healing courses & professional therapy training since 2000.  Our main training philosophy is to encourage each student to develop individually with confidence, through unequalled training and post-training support. Our courses enable every student to gain professional diploma qualifications.

Every Animal Magic© course is both stimulating and empowering.  We aim to equip each student with the necessary tools not only to develop their professional animal therapy practice, but also to recognise their worth as a dedicated and confident animal health professional gaining the confidence to work alongside vets and other animal health professionals. Over seventy percent of our graduates go on to work alongside vets in practice. We provide a FREE support and networking resource group for students and graduates. All our diploma courses can be completed via Learn @ Home, self-paced.

Animal Magic Training© is unequalled, and due to the high standards of training and support and feedback from students/graduates, is the best provider of professional animal therapy training in the UK.  Animal Magic Training© holds professional company membership with The Dog Welfare Alliance and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, and offers some of the only diploma level courses available in the UK in:

  • Animal Magic© Reiki
  • Soul Speak Animal Communication
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Animal Magic Healing
  • AniRoma© – Canine & Equine Aromatherapy
  • AniHerba© – Canine & Equine Herbalism
  • Animal Essentia© – Tree Essences Therapy
  • Bach Flower Therapy
  • Feline Psychology
  • Ikin-Esiology