Professional Training

Worldwide Recognition

Due to the exceptional standard of course content, the degree level education that Niki holds, her twenty seven years experience in professional animal practice, and her commitment to establishing ground-breaking new animal therapy modalities, Animal Magic Training courses are recognised and insurable in over twenty two countries worldwide.

A Complete Professional Qualification

Each Animal Magic Training course provides a complete qualification that is recognised widely by other animal health professionals. Subsequently, 81% of our graduates go on to work alongside Vets in professional practice and with other animal health professionals, most graduates go on to develop their own full-time professional animal therapy practice.

Animal Magic Training – Objectives, Aims & Outcomes
Upon successful completion of all courses, you will be able to:

  • Explain the Animal Magic© modality to an individual client
  • Describe why the Animal Magic© modality may be needed
  • Assess whether the Animal Magic© modality is safe and appropriate for a specific situation during the initial consultation process
  • Stay in the present moment and fully focused whilst conducting a therapy session with animals
  • Be able to offer sessions to an animal at their own pace and adapt them accordingly
  • Identify any additional needs of an animal client
  • Assess whether the environment is conducive to the successful use of the Animal Magic© modality and make adjustments where necessary
  • Keep appropriate records of the consultation process, record client details and complete feedback forms
  • Demonstrate a wide range of therapy connection techniques in line with your chosen modality
  • Be competent at providing the specific modality for emotional and behavioural issues
  • Be confident at providing the specific therapy to a wide range of animal species
  • Become competent in supporting the mind, body and spirit of animals

The Animal Magic© Consultation Process

  • Understand why the Animal Magic© modality has been requested
  • Undertake a thorough pre-consultation in line with UK law and current legislation
  • Explain and identify observed responses of the animal during the Animal Magic© session
  • Provide feedback and support an animals’ guardian during and after the session
  • Follow up a consultation appropriately

Animal Magic© in Professional Practice

  • Conduct an Animal Magic© session safely and within the legal framework, adhering to insurance standards for the UK
  • Communicate with other animal health professionals within the legal framework of the UK and know when to refer on
  • Understand the bonds and boundaries of animals before, during and post-session
  • Demonstrate effective listening and be able to deliver details of the session, (without medical interpretation or diagnosis), to the animals’ guardian with tact and compassion
  • Understand what observed responses, reactions and body language may indicate
  • If deemed necessary, explain the requirements of the Welfare Act as relevant to the practice of Animal Magic©
  • Promote your own practice professionally and effectively in line with UK law and the professional conduct of Animal Magic Training©
  • Know how to seek further support for the development of your own professional practice through Animal Magic Training©
  • Go on to work alongside veterinary practitioners and other animal health professionals
  • Become an advocate for holistic animal medicine
  • Have the confidence to develop a professional animal therapy clinic or practice

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