There are two options of assessment for all Animal Magic diploma courses excluding AniRoma & AniHerba. 

Portfolio Assessment

The student is required to complete mandatory case studies and complete their portfolio for all professional diploma level courses. As of November 2023, you have 36 months to complete this portfolio (and submit your portfolio before this deadline and in-line with marking dates), from the date of course purchase.


Practical Intensive Assessment (P.I.A)

Are you itching to complete your Animal Magic course so you can graduate and set up your own professional practice as soon as possible? Maybe you’re struggling to get all your case study clients together? Maybe you’d like to ditch the case studies and would rather be guided through your portfolio by video or telephone call?

If your preference is to gain graduate more quickly than the time it takes to complete a full portfolio (36 months) then a Personal Intensive Assessment – (a P.I.A) may suit you better.
There are NO CASE STUDIES TO COMPLETE with a P.I.A. You only need complete the Applied Learning sections for your chosen course.
What does a P.I.A consist of?
A P.I.A is scheduled by 1 x 2 hour messenger video call at a mutually convenient time with Niki – Monday to Friday. The P.I.A consists of a series of discussions and questions based around specific scenarios that may happen during a professional animal therapy session relevant to the course you are undertaking.
After The P.I.A
Following your P.I.A Niki will complete the required write-up of the session which takes approximately 4 hours. You will then be awarded professional practitioner certification within 21 days of the date of the P.I.A if you have already submitted the applied learning sections. If you have not as yet completed the applied learning sections, you will have 3 months in which to do so. You will be informed if you have achieved a successful pass during the P.I.A call. If there are areas on which Niki feels need improving, you will have the opportunity to go over this again during an additional session, though this is rarely needed.
P.I.A Fee: