An unexpected communication with fae…..

I’ve worked as a professional animal communicator for nearly twenty five years, but as my book details, I’ve actually been communicating with animals for forty five years. Animal communication is communicating with an animal via a ‘telepathic’ or intuitive process.

Animal communicators are sometimes referred to as pet psychics, dog whisperers, horse whisperers etc. Communicating with an animal is a two-way process; there is a sender and a receiver – both you and the animal can undertake sending and receiving during a session.

There are many more ways we can communicate with animals and anyone who shares a bond with their animal already communicates in several ways which can also include;

• Words & messages
• Body language
• Feelings & emotions
• Tastes
• Bodily sensations
• Pictures & imagery
• Intuition

Human beings have an ability to connect with animals in another way – telepathically; this is also one of the methods animals use for speaking with each other. Telepathic communication with animals can be done in person or over a distance by using a good description, or a photograph of the animal. All it takes is a willingness to expand the mind, allowing any images, words, physical feelings, and impressions to flow between human and animal. The key is to listen. We listen through our five senses:

1. Thoughts
2. Emotions
3. Smells
4. Physical Sensations
5. Sound

Animal communication is a very natural thing to do. Some people like myself have done this most of their lives. Others don’t even realize they’re doing it. Many children communicate with animals naturally, until they realize it is simply not accepted by adults who tell them their imagination is running riot. If you love an animal and feel you have a special bond, you are already tuned in to them, but you may not be processing the communication consciously or effectively to establish good communication exchange.

Animals have much to teach us about unconditional love, trust and respect. Each animal is individual with their own unique personality, purpose and soul. Animals have many messages for us, about their health, their past, their welfare and their requirements and needs etc. It is not uncommon for animals to be gifted with extreme prophecy too, and throughout my work with animals I have encountered many animals who are blessed with psychic intuition. Not only can animals be aware of what is going on in our lives, they can also know about past events and sometimes have messages for us about the future. This can be a very enlightening experience and you may well see such an animal in a new light.

I get booked to communicate with animals for a huge number of reasons, but a week ago I was rather taken aback by part of a conversation during an animal communication session I had with a horse…..

“The little ones are all around” she said.
Who? Your foals? Children? I asked.
“No, my dear, the little people. The ones who dance upon the hay bales, those who kick and splash in the puddles outside my stable, the ones who rest beside me during the long winter nights”.
The fae? I asked. I received no definite answer, it was as if she knew I knew of them too.
“Two of them tugged at the hem of her shirt, one rode upon the top of her boot, until she listened, until you came. Thank you for understanding”.

It’s important to recognise that even if we humans cannot see other beings, including elementals and fairies, it does not mean that their existence can be denied. After all, we cannot see love but we certainly feel it, we cannot see the wind but yet we see the results of it.

There’s more to life than the visible and connecting with animals, on their sentient level as during animal communication, can teach us humans about the magic that is all around us, every moment…..