I absolutely adore my job as an animal therapist here in Norfolk. Driving from one client to another in the stunning countryside never fails to move me. Even when it’s pouring down with rain or we’re in the middle of a big freeze and I can’t move for all the layers of clothing I have on, to give healing to horses is wonderful. I’m thankful I am not stuck in an office somewhere in a soul destroying job.

Here’s a snippet of a Soul Speak animal communication session with an equine client:

“What about you” she asked “do you believe?”
I reply “belief resides in which you cannot yet see”…..
She relaxes and I see in her eyes, the way her ears moves, that she’s pondering upon my words.
And then I stumble when she proclaims “I’ve walked before.”
I ask for clarification, I wait, I stand I silence, my hand gently resting on her butterfly chakra. I begin to notice the Shiva linga growing intensely warm in my left hand and then, my attention is drawn back to Grace…..
Like the pages of a book, quickly and precisely narrated, Grace accounts her previous incarnation.
I listen, absorb, and process, without analysis. The Shiva Linga falls from my hands, grounding the triple energy circuit into the earth below hooves and feet.
Grace then asks “You see it now, don’t you”,
Yes Grace, I see…..

Taken from a transcript of my first Soul Speak session with Grace at 6.40am yesterday.