AniHerba© Canine & Equine Herbalist Diploma Course – Almost Full For 2024




We accept only twenty individuals on this unique course per year. This unique three part Diploma training course focuses on canine and equine herbal medicine implementation. All three parts must be completed to gain professional diploma practitioner certification. There is an optional 4th level – Master Practitioner through invitation only after 12 months in professional practice. Due to its extensive syllabus and including the five mandatory areas of using AniHerba, professionally with horses and dogs, this course is insurable in over 22 countries worldwide. It is completed and released in stages with a time gap between each part release to enable the student to acquire dedicated knowledge on the subject of herbalism with dogs and horses.

Part One – Foundation Training 

Part Two – Implementor Training 

Part Three – Practitioner Training 

Part 4 – Canine & Equine Herbalist Master Practitioner level (optional). This part is offered by a selection process by invitation only. Applicants invited to undertake this level are invited to do so after twelve months in professional AniHerba practice.

AniHerba© is a ground breaking canine and equine herbal medicine course and was developed by Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist, aromathologist and animal wellness lecturer and practitioner of 27 years; Niki. AniHerba© course covers an extensive syllabus which connects the student with the complete genesis of equine and canine herbal medicine and its vital application with dogs and horses.  It enables the graduate to offer extensive support, knowledge and herbal choices to the canine and equine guardian enabling them to make informed herbal selections for their dogs and horses. This course encompasses the complete symbiosis of the canine, equine and plant kingdoms..

The AniHerba© Canine Herbalist course outline:

  • Holistic Canine & Equine Herbalism & Allopathic Medicine
  • Biochemical constituents and plant compounds of the AniHerba© herb repertoire
  • The actions and energetics of herbal medicine upon the canine and equine body; astringents, alternatives, tonics, demulcents, adaptogens, nervines etc
  • Contraindicated canine & equine conditions
  • How to formulate a vast array of medicinal herbal formulations for dogs and horses including tinctures, macerates, glycerites, honey, hydrosols and topical preparations including poultices, balms and salves etc
  • The correct administration & safe dosage
  • Delivering comprehensive tuition of herbal options to animal guardians
  • Complete printable full colour medicinal herbal charts
  • Extensive AniHerba© materia medica printable colour charts
  • Animal law in relation to herbal medicine in practice
  • Developing your practice as an AniHerba© Therapist
  • Herbal medicine and the canine body assimilation
  • Herbal medicine and the equine body assimilation
  • Canine & equine anatomy & physiology
  • Herbal monographs
  • Handling / harvesting / drying / storing herbs
  • Wildcrafting AniHerba
  • And much more

Along with three extensive full colour workbooks there are accompanying audio’s and video’s for some course parts. In line with current legislation for professional training providers, the Implementor training package and subsequent Practitioner training package is released 4 months after the submission of the Foundation/Implementor training portfolio.

Tutor Information

After graduating as a Master Herbalist, Niki launched the unequalled and unique organic herbal canine wellness and nutrition company AniScentia© in 2016. Niki sold the successful company in 2019.

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In line with professional training standard requirements, AniHerba © is released separately in three stages, irrespective of whether you are purchasing the part/full course. Release is as follows; Stage one – Foundation part released upon payment and enrolment. Stage two – Implementor training is released 6 months after the marking date submission of Foundation training. Stage three – Practitioner training is released 12 months following submission of Implementor training for marking. This periodical time lapse between each part release is for the student to implement and undertake a personal research period into this dedicated subject area.

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Part One – Foundation – Learn @ Home, Part Two – Implementor – Learn @ Home, Part Three – Practitioner, Complete Course, Mastership – Learn & Home