AniRoma© Canine & Equine Aromatherapist – Home Diploma Course




Due to its EXTENSIVE syllabus of including the five mandatory areas of applying AniRoma as a professional practitioner, this course is insurable in over 22 countries. See FAQ’s page for full information. This course has been approved as a completely Learn @ Home course with optional mentoring if and as and when you need it. You are required to undertake each part in turn.

This Learn @ Home AniRoma course is in three parts. We accept just twenty students per year on this course. This is a three part training courseAniRoma – Canine & Equine Aromatherapist:

Part 1 – Foundation – Learn @ Home – One training manual

Part 2 – Implementor – Learn @ Home – Two training manuals

Part 3 – Practitioner – Learn @ Home – One training manual

Our unique AniRoma© canine and equine aromatherapist course includes extensive syllabus modules which connects the learner with the genesis of essential oil implementation and vital application with dogs and horses. This course offers extensive applied knowledge and application to educate canine and equine guardians on the use of essential oils and aromatherapy.

Course outline

• What AniRoma© is
• The energy behind essential oils, base oils and hydrosols
• How to identify the aromatic constituents and compounds in essential oils for physical and behavioural therapy
• Understand olfactory information transference from oil to animal
• Understand when AniRoma© is needed and on what level
• Learn canine and equine anatomy in relation to scent, health and wellness
• Become familiar with the law applicable to UK animal practice
• Learn how to approach animals and maintain animal contact during the AniRoma© session
• Learn essential oil health and safety when treating dogs and horses
• Learn how to prepare a wide range of AniRoma© topical applications from sprays and gels, to poultices and balms
• Become familiar with how to administer and apply AniRoma© and its preparations
• Understand the volatile compounds of the AniRoma© essential oil system
• Understand canine and equine body language and become familiar with how to record their observations during an AniRoma© session
• Learn to how teach an animal guardian on the provision of AniRoma© with their own dog or horse under the supervision of their vet with an adequate ohysical diagnosis
• Become familiar with the profiles of the full range of AniRoma© in our unique botanica medica
• Learn how to develop your profession as an AniRoma© graduate
• Become familiar with contraindicated essential oils

Course Objectives, Aims & Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the diploma qualification, graduates will be able to:
• Explain AniRoma© selections to an individual client (canine or equine guardian)
• Describe why AniRoma© may be needed
• Assess whether AniRoma© is safe and appropriate in a situation adhering to UK animal law
• Help the animal guardian to stay in the present moment when sharing AniRoma© with their own animal
• Enable the canine or equine guardian to give AniRoma© to their dog or horse at their own pace
• Identify any additional healing needs of a particular canine or equine client
• Assess the consultation situation to ensure that it is safe, putting extra controls in place if necessary
• Assess whether the environment is conducive to the successful use of AniRoma© and making adjustments when necessary
• Keep appropriate records of the consultation, client details and feedback forms

The AniRoma© Consultation
• Understand why AniRoma© has been requested
• Undertake a thorough pre-consultation post veterinary diagnosis
• Identify and explain observed responses of the animal during and after an AniRoma© session to the animal guardian
• Support the canine guardian when they apply AniRoma with their animal during and after the session
• Follow up a consultation appropriately
• Have the confidence to tutor the animals’ guardian for the safe application of AniRoma©

AniRoma© in Practice
• Conduct an AniRoma© consultation with the canine or equine guardian safely and within the legal framework for the UK
• Communicate with other professionals within the legal framework of the UK and how only aromatherapy vets are allowed to administer essential oils directly
• Understand the bonds and boundaries of dogs and horses before, during and post-session
• Demonstrate effective listening and be able to deliver details (without interpretation) to the canine or equine guardian
• Understand and teach the guardian what observed canine and equine responses and reactions might indicate
• If deemed necessary, explain the requirements of the Welfare Act as relevant to the practice of AniRoma©
• Promote your own animal therapy practice professionally and effectively in line with UK law and the professional conduct of Animal Magic Training©
• Understand the needs for Self-Development in the role of an AniRoma© Practitioner
• Know how to seek further support for the development of your own professional practice through Animal Magic Training©

For Whom is The Course Suitable?
This professional three-part diploma course is especially suited for people with a love of dogs and horses and those who you want to integrate essential oils into their professional work with canine and equine clients, be it on behavioural or physical levels. AniRoma© is a professional diploma course so offers full professional certification that is recognized in over 22 countries worldwide. This course is also perfect if you simply want care for your dog or horse naturally and holistically. AniRoma© is a unique system that is easy to implement with any skills you already have, for example:

• Animal trainers
• Behaviourists
• Kennel managers / home boarders
• Animal rescue workers
• Vets or veterinary nurses and technicians,
• Body workers including physiotherapists, canine massage therapists, Bowen therapist etc
• Reiki practitioner and other healers

This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of treating dogs naturally and wishes to learn from an expert animal therapist, master herbalist, aromatherapist, author and lecturer, possessing over twenty-seven years of experience in holistic animal and human medicine.

In line with professional training standard requirements, AniRoma© is released separately in three stages, irrespective of whether you are purchasing each part separately or the full course. Course release is as follows; Stage one – Foundation part released upon payment and enrolment. Stage two – Implementor training is released 4 months after the submission of Foundation training for marking. Stage three – Practitioner training is released 6 months following the submission of Implementor training for marking. Each course part must be submitted separately. This periodical time between each part release is for the student to implement and undertake a personal research period into their dedicated subject area furthering their knowledge. See expanded clarification about this on the FAQ’s page.

Additional information

Course Type

Part One – Foundation – Learn @ Home, Part Two – Implementor – Learn @ Home, Part Three – Practitioner, Complete Course