Animal Magic Reiki© – Home Diploma Course




This is a two part, three manual course with Animal Magic Reiki attunement
Level One – Foundation – Completed via Learn @ Home in two parts
Level Two – Practitioner – Completed via Learn @ Home

This course is the only Animal Reiki diploma grade training course available in the UK. Due to its syllabus of including the 5 mandatory areas of using animal Reiki professionally, this course is insurable in over 22 countries.

The student will learn how to create a positive Reiki healing experience for the animal, prepare themselves as a healing channel, become fully conversant in specific hand positions, conduct a professional session using the Animal Magic healing symbols (not Usui symbols), and learn to interpret observations, responses and reactions of animals during Reiki healing. This is a self-attunement audio video course.

Animal Magic Reiki Course Outline

This course is available for instant download after purchase. There are three training manuals to this course you will need to download and save to your PC.

Key Elements of Animal Magic Reiki
Reiki & The Animal Chakra System
Brambells 5 Freedoms
The Animal Magic Reiki© Principles
Preparing to Become a Reiki Channel for Animals
The Animal Magic© initiation ceremony
The Gassho Connection
Animal Magic Reiki© Benefits
Animal Magic Reiki© Health & Safety
Awakening Your Animal Magic© Channel / Release Negativity / Invoke Your Power Animal/s
The Animal Magic Reiki© Sacred Symbols; Comhar / Dail / Bua
The Animal Magic© Reiki Hand Positions
Sealing, Balancing & Grounding
Observed Animal Responses and Reactions
Absent Animal Magic Reiki©
Animal Magic Reiki© & Rainbow Bridge
Healing techniques for non-companion animals
Working professionally, Conducting Sessions, Conveying Information, Working Within The Community, & The Ethics, Guidelines & Legalities of Animal Magic Reiki

& so much more

This course contains all 6 regulatory and mandatory modules to enable you to work as a professional Animal Magic Reiki Healer in over 22 countries worldwide. Due to the course standard, many of our graduates go on to work alongside vets in practice and other animal health professionals.

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Certificate, Diploma, Test